Working With Us Is Just Like
Working With In-House Counsel.


Simply put, our in-house placement arrangements assure that you pay for talent, not for overhead – and exceptional legal talent at that.

We have found that the best way to provide outsourced General Counsel Services is to place one of our attorneys into your office for a set amount of time each week. This way, your Lysaught Law Office attorney can learn your management style, your company’s culture, your key employees, and your team’s tolerance for risk. Your attorney can also sit in on management meetings and board meetings to deepen our partnership and better serve your needs.

With your legal needs outsourced to Lysaught Law Office, you have more time to devote to your everyday business responsibilities. Your Lysaught Law Office attorney will become part of your company, able to draft policies and negotiate agreements that reflect your mission, vision and values, anticipating legal issues before they result in litigation.

As your company grows larger, the processes that served you well as a small or family-owned business can suddenly open you up to liability. Your Lysaught Law Office attorney can revise policies and institute new procedures that fit your present strategies — and many clients ask us to do this from the start.

Our Legal Operations Opportunity Process (LOOP) Analysis  gives you an initial baseline analysis of your company. We assess your present policies and procedures, employee communications, insurance coverage, agreements with customers, suppliers and retailers, and other areas of risk. When our LOOP Analysis is complete, we present you with a roadmap of the areas that should be addressed — and can work with you to resolve any or all of them.

We are proud to serve small and medium-sized businesses throughout greater Chicago — and our clients are just as pleased to recommend us in return. READ what some of our clients have to say.