Fees That Are On The Money,
Not On The Clock.


In today’s economic climate, companies rightly scrutinize all costs, and legal fees should be fair game. Hourly fees may be feasible for large corporations, but most businesses can save through an alternative-fee arrangement — either a retainer or project basis.

Lysaught Law Office eliminates the big firms’ expensive, unnecessary overhead that is little more than window dressing. (Extravagant conference rooms? Law libraries with dusty volumes? Get real.) With our virtual facilities, we work on-site at your office on a monthly retainer, just like an employed in-house counsel, or complete your projects on a fixed-fee basis.

Lysaught Law Office hourly rates are less than half of those billed by most big firm partners. And we are not offering first-year associates — only seasoned attorneys with real General Counsel experience.

Our retainer packages start at 5 hours per month, and our rates go down the more your firm uses our services. In addition, we are glad to revise our arrangement should your needs reduce, so your costs remain controlled. Keeping you happy, and gaining new referrals, is far more important to us than charging for unneeded time or having multiple attorneys duplicate each other’s work.

You will have the freedom to run things by us whenever you need a second opinion or face an important legal decision, without hesitation or concern that the “meter is running.” Our early advice while there is still time to correct a problem helps you avoid paying hefty settlements or having a very public mess on your hands. Our clients always have good advice on call, without waiting until a problem needs resolution.

Although, Lysaught Law Office expertly handles all general corporate legal issues, when needed we refer our clients to firms specializing in product liability,  patent and trademark filings, or complex litigation. You can be certain that all our services are delivered on time, on target, and at significant cost savings.